All Vicore equipment is covered under the most iron clad warranty in the industry. Please be certain to retain proof of purchase to include warranty registration and or sales receipt. However, Please Note: NOT ALL Vicore Equipment is intended for Full Commercial use. Common sense dictates that a commercial environment inherently creates an elevated level of wear and hardship on equipment; therefore notable differences apply for each product category.

Full Commercial: Please verify with your Vicore representative or reseller that the products you are purchasing are indeed intended for commercial use. Using Light Commercial products in a Full Commercial environment can cause serious injury or death. Generally speaking, dues paying membership based facilities are included but are not limited to this category such as: Gyms, YMCAs, JCCs, Wellness Centers, Student Recreation, Sports Team training facilities and Government market segments. Now that we made you feel good, here is the deal.

Frame: Lifetime, against any and all incidents due to manufacturer defects (With the exception of scratches and damage to paint finish)

Moving Parts: 5 years against all incidents due to a manufacturer's defects.

Body Link Air Surface 5 years against all incidents, manufacturer or otherwise.

Common Sense Disclaimer: It is important to mention that lifting heavy pieces of cast iron over one's head or body is inherently dangerous. The unstable nature intentionally engineered into our products can dramatically enhance the effects of lifting such weights. Therefore, it is extremely important that anyone using Vicore Equipment becomes familiar with the unique nature of these products before ever attempting to include the addition of weights of any type in their routine.

Extreme Caution: Because of the unique attributes of the Vicore Body Link System, it is highly recommended when enhancing ones workout through the use of peripheral free weights, that only independent dumbbells are utilized. At no time or under any circumstance should weights being supported by a single, straight Olympic style weight bar be used.

A word about shipping.

We ship anywhere in the U.S. when you order online. If you need to ship outside the U.S., please contact us.

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