Engage and fire four times as many muscles by switching from a standard piece of strength equipment to Vicore, while performing the same exercise? Sounds like some informercial cliam "just sit on your couch and watch the pounds melt away."

Hey, don't go getting all sideways on us, we are just reporing the results. Actually, when our team was developing the first bench we knew we were on to something pretty revolutionary. Simply because after a workout, we were sore in places we never knew existed. Not to mention during the workout everyone was breathing so hard and sweating so much, we honestly thought we had invented the worlds first Cardio Bench.

Well as luck would have it, we crossed paths with a scientist named Alex Grey who had developed a system for measuring muscle activity called Somaxis (you can see some of his work on TED Talks). Alex was also heavily into fitness and was intrigued by what we were doing, we all decided it would be pretty interesting to test out The Vicore Concept using his technology.

The results far exceeded our mental expectations to say the least, however, matched perfectly with what we were experiencing physically. Just as we stated previously Vicore equipment engaged and fired 4 to 6 times as many muscle groups than if your performed the exact same exercise on traditional strength equipment.

Below you will find the data.

"I created a custom sensor configuration that measures several muscle groups: Rectus Abdominis, External Oblique, Internal Oblique, Transverse Abdominis. I used a medical-grade electrophysiology system for data acquisition. Initial results show that the Vicore bladder bench engages core muscles about 4x more than a flat bench does.

I will continue gathering data and will refine this number as we approach the golden value of 35 test subjects (needed for statistical significance). However, I feel comfortable with you releasing this information and/or information from the report. Then later when I get more data you can always post an update." - Alex, Somaxis

Utilizing infrared thermal imaging technology, you can see first hand how Vicore’s patented BodyLink System warms up the core (okay, freakin’ melts it). The photos on the left demonstrate the difference between Vicore and Traditional Benches. White denotes where the muscles are the hottest, therefore being worked the most. Notice how the core is engaged in all exercises with Vicore. Do flies, engage your core, chest presses, enhance your balance, skull crushers, decrease your reaction times. The point is, anything you used to do on your old bench, now turns into a total body workout.

Think Negative

Reach muscle fatigue faster through the eccentric (the negative part of the lift). It is a known fact that returning the start position of any lift is the most important part. This is the “Result Zone” and in order to gain entrance you must slow down. Working out with Vicore Equipment facilitates this perfectly, enhancing every aspect of your efforts

Tying It All Together

Work your arms – rip your core. Work your shoulders – rip your core. Work your biceps – rip your core. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

It is literally impossible to do any kind of workout on an unstable surface without engaging your core, building your balance and quickening your reaction times. It is the ultimate multitasking.

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