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New Dealer Lover - Prism Fitness

Thursday, April 07, 2016

This month in our dealer spotlight we are highlighting one of Vicore's very first partners and long time friends Bill Sotis and Prism fitness. Vicore's Greg Nigro had a chance to sit down with Bill to ask him a few questions about his business.

Nigro: Bill start by telling us how Prism got started and what products you sell that are unique to Prism that you can't get anywhere else?

Sotis: Following the success of dramatically growing another functional fitness products company, we started Prism about 5 years ago with the acquisition of a different small functional fitness and athletic training product line. We then began to develop new proprietary products, and to surround our core products with those of other brands that we felt fit our portfolio, our target customers and our overall product values. Most of these new other brands were new start-ups in the fitness industry, such as Vicore.

Our goal is to provide customers with products, packages, content and service that delivers on 360 degrees of the product’s use – including how the user engages with the product, how it stores, how it transports, how it is delivered, etc. With self-guided exercise images on many of the products and the unique storage approaches for multiple functional fitness products, Prism provides a smart solution for all types of private and commercial fitness facilities.

Nigro: How are you feeling about the state of the fitness market these days and where are you finding the most growth?

Sotis: The fitness market is healthy across most categories, but especially in the functional fitness categories, in large part due to the continued and growing popularity of group functional exercise, bootcamps, crossfit type training and other land-based strength training. We have seen consistent double-digit growth over the past few years.

Nigro: You guys just came back from IHRSA . Was it good, excellent, average? What products in your line were customers showing the most interest in?

Sotis: IHRSA was excellent for us. We were so busy that we really did not have a chance to see how the rest of the show was going. Customers showed the most interest in our self-guided functional fitness packages, the kiio wall gym package, the Smart Plyoᶾ (3-in-1 soft plyometric cube) and the Terra Core. We also exhibited interactive technology – WebRacing virtual reality cardio training software as well as interactive gaming with a balance board. Customers could not help but to try these products and ask more questions.

Nigro: We know your guys were extremely busy working your own booth, however did you notice a lot of new companies? any new stuff that had people talking and buzzing.

Sotis: It seemed like there were more and larger spaces committed to group exercise virtual coaching and video training companies at the show this year. This follows the trend of increased technology coming into the mainstream of fitness and the services that fitness facilities of all types are offering.

Nigro: When a customer is out looking for equipment there are a million choices- what is your value proposition that makes a customer chose you guys over a competitor?

Sotis: Unique, differentiated products that are conveniently packaged for easy sale and installation. That gets us in the door. What keeps our customers and helps us both grow is attention to detail in service and response. We create and act proactively with our customers. They appreciate that.

Nigro: So where do you see things going? where are you guys placing your bets in the area of future products and services to keep people coming to Prism to make their facilities a better experience for there clients and members?

Sotis: Using new technologies to deliver a motivating, interactive fitness experience – in products and in content delivery.

Nigro: Tell us who your favorite manufacture is to work with. You know- one where the staff is slightly better looking, their products are cutting edge and always pushing the limits of function and innovation? But before you answer- do you remember the last time we were in Vegas at a show who bought dinner?

Sotis: That’s easy. Among our partner brands…Vicore. They tee it up better than anyone…with a smile.

If you want to know more about Bill Sotis and Prism Fitness you can reach them at:


7022 South 400 West Midvale, UT 84047

Phone: 801-878-7702