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Balance or Strength Training?

Friday, November 20, 2015

What's more important to overall wellness - Balance or Strength training?

Not only are we asked this question on a regular basis, we have pondered it often as well. There are two kinds of questions in the world, those that have subjective answers and those which fall into the objective category. With this in mind, we must also throw in the question: "What is important to you?" For most people the answer would be "I want a fitness program that matches my active lifestyle". In other words, folks do not want to be Mr. Olympia, but have a desire to be well rounded and able to meet the challenges that an active lifestyle and multiple athletic pursuits calls for. However, a total fitness program also requires us to expand our aerobic threshold as well.

So we need strength, balance and cardio to be considered truly fit. Oh and let's not forget the other key element, time. If we spend all our free moments getting in shape, when do you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor? It is not an easy balancing act to be sure. This is why we feel it is so important to chose a program that is not only interesting enough to keep you engaged, but covers many of these aspects as possible in a single workout.

Strength training: for most people this seems pretty straight forward, grab some dumbbells and start pumping. Although, if we are after a total strength program, it is vital that you provide equal attention to all parts of your body. Legs, backs and arms are fairly intuitive and you can always find any number of machines throughout the gym that that will accommodate your needs. The key element that is usually over looked is "the core". This workout is a bit more esoteric than most, and many people do not give it much thought, which is unfortunate, since this is where many, if not most of the body's key muscle groups are located. Wait for it.... this is where we start plugging the need for equipment such as Vicore. No matter what primary muscle group you are focusing on, using an unstable or "reactive surface" can provide you with much more than you originally bargained for. Every movement you make on one of our products forces you to engage a multitude of core muscles with every modality.

Balance training: This is another "less practiced" part of a sound fitness regime that is vitally important and can actually slow down the physical symptoms of aging - and no, we are not talking Botox - but agility. The ability to remain mobile in your latter years starts now. And keeping the nueroceptors, which produce balance, well used and polished is vital. Just like every other biological gift you possess "use em or lose em". It is the true fountain of youth. So "what do I do" you ask, stand on one foot? Well that is definitely a start. However, a better way to ensure this aspect of wellness is not over looked or under developed is to choose exercises, which incorporate the need to steady yourself through each repetition. Bodyweight and suspension training are great for this. Although, if we may be as bold as to "plug ourselves again" (hey it's our blog). Tools such as Vicore are an incredible way to include balance in everything you do. And remember the other key element to great fitness is "time". Using Vicore will save you a good deal since you can gain much of the neuro loading you need, while you are working on your strength. Which is one more benefit to using a reactive surface during your training routine.

Cardio training: "Oh here it comes" you say, now these guys are going to tell me that you get aerobic while using their equipment as well. Well we would never make an unsubstantiated claim like that, not even in our own blog. However, we do offer equipment such as the new Terra Core that will get you there faster than you can imagine. Even if you are well above average when it comes to fitness. The Terra Core provides the ability to do more exercises than any other piece of equipment on the market (a well substantiated claim). The combination of body weight training, various step moves and good old fashion balancing will take your heart rate to any level you desire.

There you have it: The three essential parts of a well-balanced fitness program and the right equipment to achieve it. Strength, Balance and Cardio, oh don't forget time… put them all together and you just won't be living, you will be alive.

Remember not all reps are created equal.

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