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Kind words we didn't even pay for.

"Vicore is exactly what the industry has needed for a long time, which is a strength company that just doesn't do what everyone else doing. Vicore is producing the most innovative products on the market. I bought my first shipment sight unseen and more than half the shipment was sold day one when we built it in our showroom! Boost fitness purchased them for their new 20,000 sq ft club in Tewksbury MA. What's exciting is the owner (Mark Federico) calls me and says, "Joe there are not many items that impress me but WOW these are awesome!"

Joe Gulino, Fitness Broker

"Traditional benches have hard, tough rubber padding that can be uncomfortable or limit the range-of-motion of the shoulder joints. ViCore has an interesting approach that incorporates the use of air bladders instead of padding as the surface of the bench. They are much more comfortable than traditional benches. I especially liked the Roman Chair and incline benches. Additionally, these benches can create points of interaction between members and fitness staff, who can provide an overview on the different exercise options allowed by the air bladders."

The American Council on Exercise

"Here in Hollywood, I'm constantly seeking the latest innovations in health and fitness to give my clients the edge. Vicore has done the impossible and the improbable -- They've reinvented the wheel. They've taken standard pieces we use daily in the gym and re imagined them in a stylish, futuristic way."

Eric The Trainer, Hollywood Physique Expert

“WE LOVE YOUR BENCH!!! There's been such a traffic jam with trainers and clients to use the bench daily, that some trainers have started designing the workouts together so they can all share it efficiently! It's been great for new business as well. Members are asking for orientations just to learn how to use it.”

Gold's Gym - Dallas, TX

"The reception for them has been positive, and the longer they’ve been here, the more I see them getting used. Our personal trainers especially seem to like using them with their clients (and almost every time I hear the client saying how much harder it is!)."

Pete, Ohio State RPAC

"Vicore has been a tremendous addition to our gym and personal training programs. Our personal trainers and especially our members love the feel and overall functionality. They love the way it challenges their core while simultaneously still being able to do the exercises they love. Vicore gives us a great opportunity to add something different and valuable to our gym and clients"

Greg Marshall, Head Trainer 
 - The Gym at City Creek

"My boys "Love To Hate Them", imagine 6' 8" bodies doing bicycles on them! It's great!!!"

Ray Ganong, Strength/Conditioning
 - University of Louisville Athletics

"Plain and simple…we love the Vicore Benches."

California Family Fitness, Rocklin, CA

"Thanks once again for the bench. I think it is fantastic and I have already told 3 gym owner friends of mine how fantastic it is. I think it is a great product with an excellent overall quality. I believe it is cutting edge and I truly believe that every gym should have your line of equipment."

Brian Butler

"I LOVE the Vicore Benches. Core strength, reflex speed, and positional balance are huge components in the training regiments for my athletes. Adding the Vicore Benches into my training system has helped all my athletes make faster gains and has positively affected their performance. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this first."

Adam Friedman, Trainer of NBA, NFL & Olympic Athletes 
 - Advanced Athletics

"The Vicore bench is amazing. It gives you an unstable surface to train on, whilst being fixed to stable and more importantly, a safe platform. I love challenging all levels of clients on the bench, from those who are new to core strengthening to the advanced looking to shake it up. The Vicore truly "shakes" work outs up!!!"

"Here at Centum5 INC Space, where the Vicore was first shown to our market, the positive response grows daily. When new members enter the gym, their first question with intrigued eyes is "What is that" People cant wait to try it and it proves Vicore truly have created a product that not only get results but gets attention.

"The Vicore Bench is a fantastic piece of equipment. By altering ones position, the level of difficult quickly increases, ensuring you raise your game to keep up. I use it to remind myself how easy I have it on other benches and when I'm nearing fatigue it guarantees I use my core or else it literally kicks me off!!"

"The Vicore bench not only looks revolutionary but feels revolutionary. No other piece of gym equipment challenges me to switch on and engage my core throughout workouts. Clients of all levels are challenged and by altering feet positions for the majority of exercises, one can change the difficulty instantly".

Centum5 - London, UK

"Love the new Vicore bench!! I had two of my older am clients use it and they LOVED it. Both said it was way more comfortable to lay on, providing more spinal and neck support, while adding a bit of a balance challenge and instability. I had one client use it for reverse crunches and she said it was a great “nasty” little way to make those harder. They both gave high praise."

Club Sports - Tigard, OR

"We LOVE it! Lots of the trainers are using it – Members are starting to look, but not use much, probably because the trainers are all using it with their clients. The only issue is space. We could use the space that will be created by getting rid of a few pieces of equipment that are NEVER used."

Fitness SF - San Francisco, CA

"The Vicore Benches are a great addition to our fitness space. Our membership expects the very best of everything. When we bring in anything new we always hear from our membership…sometimes its good and sometimes its bad. With the Vicore Benches it was very very good! Based on how much our members like the product I would choose Vicore again without hesitation."

Manhattan Beach Country Club - Manhattan Beach, CA

"I like the Vicore bench because it adds instability to any exercise traditionally done on a bench. It is higher then a Bosu, and does not roll away like a stability ball. This allows you to jump/step on it, as well as lie on it with out having any ground contact. I like that it is not bolted down and can be wheeled around to different cable machines. People who are self conscious about trying new things feel more comfortable on the Vicore then a stability ball. I can perform a lot of pilates reformer routines on it with only using tubing. Everyone tells me what a great ab workout they got, even when abs are not the focus."

Midtown Athletic Club - Chicago, IL

"The core bench is awesome. I did a half hour on it the other day and it surprisingly took a lot out of me. I believe the strain on the small stabilizing muscles has a great effect on how the body expends energy. It's a great asset. I like the core stability element. Total body engagement and balance. It's a step up from the standard flat bench."

World Gym - Fayetteville, AR

"We LOVE the Vicore Benches. I ordered one just to see what the buzz was about. The next day, after my workout, I felt soreness in my abs in places I didn’t know I had abs! I immediately ordered more benches for our other locations."

YMCA - Central Bucks Family YMCA - Doylestown, PA

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