Well you made it to the part where we commend you for your desire to learn about better ways to do things. Vicore truly does represent a huge advancement in the fitness world. However, the cool thing is, you don't have to sit there and talk about it- or try and convince people, this is one of those rare times when you simply have to try it. Twenty seconds into your first reps and you will instantly know you have found the truth. One day after your first workout- and you will know instantly you found a hidden reserve of lactic acid. It really is a new way to workout that involves every physical capability that human beings possess.

Here is a quick review of the upside to using Vicore Equipment in your work out.

  • Vicore's patented Body Link System provides an inherently unstable, yet extremely safe interface between your body and the bench. This instability forces your body to engage core muscles with every movement.
  • Vicore's Body Link System weighs an incredible 28 pounds and can support over 5,000 pounds. Its proprietary anti burst technology is the most effective ever developed. For the record, a Physio Ball weighs about 15 ounces, is very squirreLly, and loves to burst, leaving you with a dumbbell in the forehead and a few gaps in your grill.
  • Performing the same exercises as you normally would on a Vicore bench, increases balance, Core strength, neural synapse and agility. Leading inevitably to the opposite sex finding you more attractive.
  • Using Vicore equipment forces you to slow down your movements, which accentuates the Eccentric part of the lift, which is the most effective way to gain strength and reach muscle fatigue. You also use less weight, which allows you more control and improves form, also a vital element in realizing gains.
  • Vicore equipment shapes and forms to every individuals unique body shape, providing the best support ever offered in the fitness category. These exceptional ergonomics dramatically reduce the chance of skeletal injury caused by excessive pressure.
  • With Vicore you are literally 'floating on air' thus, there are no pressure points, only smooth and fluid motions, so you build muscle - not scar tissue.
  • All Vicore products are made from the very highest quality commercial grade raw materials available. They will stand up to even the most insane commercial environments. The surfaces are covered by a 2 year unconditional warranty (and if needed are easily installed on site). The frames include a LIFETIME warranty which covers everything but dents, dings and paint scratches. Come on you got to give us something, we have the best two- step coating process around - but paint scratches.
  • Soft Surface Training is the NEXT BIG ADVANCEMENT IN FITNESS. You might as well embrace it.
  • THE BodyLink Surface IS infused with AN antimicrobial agent (antibacterial & antifungal) and UV inhibitors.

A word about shipping.

We ship anywhere in the U.S. when you order online. If you need to ship outside the U.S., please contact us.

We love the fitness industry.

Vicore is a company dedicated to building equipment which allows people to take their workouts and physical fitness to the next level.

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Simply put, Vicore products are a phenomenal advancement in the area of core strength ergonomics, balance and coordination, all at a great price.

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