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Salt Lake City, Utah. Vicore Fitness, pioneers in the category of Soft Surface Training, Announce the launch of four new products at the 31st annual IHRSA Trade Show and Conference. Experiencing great success with their first product "The Core Bench", Vicore is continuing to create revolutionary ways to work primary and core muscles groups simultaneously. What makes this possible is, all Vicore products utilize a patented surface which, instead of using foam, incorporate a surface that is filled with air. This surface, known as The Body Link System, creates an unstable environment, forcing the body to engage core muscles while doing traditional exercises.

We call this Soft Surface Training and the benefits that it provides are amazing. Since air never breaks down like foam, the ergonomic aspects are also far superior to that of traditional style benches, as the air surface actually molds to the users exact body shape. Since you are floating on air, there is no chance for injuries caused by excessive skeletal pressure, which occur when traditional bench surface foams break down or compress.

The system works so well Vicore will be launching an Adjustable Bench, Abdominal Bench, Preacher Curl Bench and a 45 degree Reverse Hyper Extension Bench. All these new designs incorporate Vicore’s patented Body Link System. We encourage everyone at IHRSA to come by during the Early Morning Workouts and try something totally different and revolutionary. The Vicore System really is going to change how people workout.
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