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The Terra Core launches into Group Fitness in the UK!



Salt Lake City Utah: Since the initial launch of the Terra Core more and more early adopters are responding with positive reviews. This is largely due to the unmatchable versatility the Terra Core provides: a bullet proof ergonomic surface that molds to every body type, push-up handles, side bars, unique design, and even grooves for resistance bands, which creates a plethora of exercise options for all skill levels. The Terra Core is the perfect tool for one-on-one private training, small-group training, and large-group fitness classes. One of the early adopters, RiKaSysTemZ, recently implemented a Terra Core group class into their Trowbridge location in the South West region of the UK. We caught up with one of the owners Craig to get his opinion on the Terra Core in a group class setting:

“It’s ergonomic concept works and fits perfectly to the body to challenge it to the max. We structure all of our classes and their choreography to work not just people's physical frame but also improve their proprioceptive awareness, coordination, balance, agility and fitness. The Terra Core lends itself perfectly to each of those. It's a thinking man's piece of fitness equipment, that excites us and in turn excites our members.”

We asked co-owner Jordan how the Terra Core improved their workouts at RiKaSysTemZ,

“Each of our classes are challenging, high calorie burning (up to 1000 calories in 30 mins for RiKaShaKe® mini trampoline class) and I didn't believe we could improve on that amount of calories in 30 minutes but the Terra Core proved us wrong!! One of our members burned 1365 calories in 34 minutes doing RiKaTreDz™ our class using the Terra Core! It was phenomenal. It's not only improved our workouts by up to an extra 365 calories in the same time but it's also added a whole new and challenging element to our system of classes. Including physical, mental and even social, the Terra Core has people talking! It's a phenomenal piece of kit!”

The Terra Core is revolutionizing exercise in an incredibly wide variety of fitness facilities and in multiple training areas including Group X. To learn more about the Terra Core and other innovative Vicore products, please contact us at 801-878-7702 or email:


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