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Terra Core Becomes Equipment Of Choice For Boot-Camps Across The Country.


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Salt Lake City Utah: There is no denying that Americans are embracing functional fitness - and Boot-Camps seem to be their method of choice. With Thousands already operating and more opening weekly, this is a trend that is here to stay. There are many aspects of this model that makes them so popular, however the one that really sets them apart from going to the Gym is, the obvious lack of equipment you will see at one of these facilities. Yes, when it comes to functional Fitness and Boot- Camps you won't see your standard pulleys, cables and expensive weight stacks. That is because These camps represent a new world order of sorts- one where only the most innovative need apply, products that focus on a new kind of strength. Yes- a new kind of strength, where balance, agility and a mind body connection are just as important muscle mass. Very few products can offer such a combination and that is why, the new Terra Core from Vicore Fitness has taken the category by storm.

Burn Boot Camp one of the fastest growing boot camps in the county has the Terra Core going into every new location. We caught up with Devan Kline, CEO of Burn Boot Camp, and asked him what it is about the Terra Core that makes it such a great fit for this environment?

“Burn Boot Camp is a community of fit and busy women who are on journeys to live healthier and happier lives. The versatility the Terra Core provides our clients speaks volumes as we have 45 minutes to give our clients the burst of energy they need to power through their days!”

Another boot camp owner Mike who recently ordered his first rack of Terra Cores stated:

“The Terra Core has changed the way my boot camp classes are ran. Because of high demand (from my members) I utilize the Terra Core every single day in our workouts. In respect to the design of the TC, it gives you countless exercises you can execute. We just signed our second location at another building and I can’t wait to order more!”


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