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ACE calls the Terra Core a Game Changer



Salt Lake City Utah: The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has reviewed the Terra Core and the results are astonishing. ACE calls the Terra Core “The latest cutting-edge exercise equipment”. Diving into the many uses of the Terra Core ACE highlights how this tool can be a game-changer for personal trainers and their clients. The Terra Core provides the perfect tool for one-on-one private training, small-group training, and large-group fitness classes. This is largely due to the unmatchable versatility the Terra Core provides: groves for resistance bands, push-up handles, side bars, and ergonomic design creates a plethora of exercise options for all skill levels. One of the early adopters, Meech Aspden, the director of group fitness at Pure Fitness in Singapore and Hong Kong stated,

“Our instructors are enjoying using a new product that gives them a wide variety of options to be creative in their exercise programming.”

Another early adopter Christina DiBugnara, the National Director of Group Fitness at UFC GYM declared,

“The Terra Core allows us to change the exercises and other equipment from class-to-class. Our members have been really enthusiastic about it and the variety of exercise options it provides.”

As the Terra Core finds its way into gyms, fitness centers, and clubs, more and more people are finding themselves blown away by this new product. Vicore is a six-year-old company located in Salt Lake City, Utah and focuses on producing the world's most innovative fitness equipment to meet the needs of every evolving fitness habit.

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