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Let’s face it, people take risks wherever they go, its in our DNA--and the gym is no different. Our objective is to help these risk takers reach their fitness goals by designing equipment that takes the risk out. We create controlled environments that don't roll, burst, or slide. All Vicore products are subjected to extreme and redundant testing. Everything from being deliberately punctured multiple times, while under 4,500 lbs of pressure, to a menagerie of formal testing standards. We take every measure possible to ensure that our equipment is up to any challenge those creative types can think of. Besides, wearing a helmet while working out, just seems so cumbersome.

Besides being subjected to all sorts of indignities which we invented ourselves, all Vicore products have undergone and passed the following:

  • Mandatory European Safety Standards (TUV)
  • EN 957 Safety Standards
  • 9001 Factory Certification
  • DIB Certification (Dipped in Blood and thrown into a tank full of angry sharks)

All right, we made that last one up.

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