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When lifting weights or performing any other training, there are few things more important than technique and proper body positioning. Not having these elements in place is the fastest way to cause injury and counter act progress. It is an interesting fact: there are over 50 companies designing and producing weight machines and exercise benches, yet everyone of them is making them the exact same way, with a layer of foam covered by nagahyde.

Just look at these surfaces, they do not even come close to matching the human body's natural shape and curves - not good. Now look at the Vicore Body - Link System from the moment you sit or lay down the surface immediately forms exactly to you, supporting every part of you it touches. As you move and shift so does the System, thus dramatically reducing the possibility of injury.

Whether your goal is strength, agility, balance or bulk, in or to achieve it you must be able to work out injury free and there is no better way to insure this, than with proper ergonomics and technique.

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